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Read here for whats going on.
6 months ago

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» Read the pinned topic here to learn how to join the clan.
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» New to our community? This is where we get to know each other.
miss u guys
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Public - RuneScape
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» Major successful events will be posted here, along with a quick recap.
6 months ago
» Miniwars and unofficial events will be posted here, along with a quick recap.
6 months ago
» Discuss anything dealing with RuneScape that isn't about clans here.
Nu Biker
3 months ago
» Everything related to discussion about RuneScape clans goes here.
June 1st
3 days ago
» You can find all graphics and videos made for CP here.
sup bros
3 weeks ago

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» Discuss anything and everything that wouldn't fit in another forum here.
Hi friends
1 week ago
» Post anything having to do with music here. Feel free to post a video of the song so we can listen!
XO Tour Lif3...
5 months ago
» Anything you find funny, post it here!
Why don't they...
2 weeks ago
» This is where we discuss sports, exercise, diet, and supplements.
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» Have some fun playing forum games within the community of Corrupt Pures!
Count to 10...
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» Check out all of our clan events here. Don't forget to subscribe!
Compare and see where you stand among other CP members level wise.
» Archived events ranging from 2005 to 2014.

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