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  1. Blacks 1-0 l0l
  2. Tbh I spoken to Justin ts/snapchat & hes done with clanning, CP was his only clan & he put alot of time being apart of it, loyal guy but just needed help in a real struggle, no need for this topic
  3. Shoutout to all my site followers 

    1. KFC
    2. KFC
    3. Anton


      lmao only 10 followers on cp forums?

  4. Not bad
  5. Yung Gleesh had the best Water it's good because it's not commercialized & keeping the effect of being free & just expressing yourself, to me alot of people relate or either like it so good to them, im not a fan of this Kodak song but he's not a bad rapper
  6. gz both
  7. Grats fellas
  8. nice pov I died too fast for that IR fight north of Mossies to get a great pov since it didnt last too long before crash
  9. CP Florida meetup when? 

    1. Disloyal


      At one point in time, I would help organize it, but nowadays I think I'll pass.

    2. SZN