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  1. sucker
  2. l0l
  3. Hopefully clans arent slow next week and actually respond
  4. #Clan-cp l Cp-rs.com l Cp Public cc l Discord l Ts.cp-rs.com Today the CPousers went out with around 38 blood thirsty mercenaries in a somewhat eventful trip and possibly the start of the downfall of the newly formed lpc scene. We fought IR a few times with all the fights getting crashed, we were also involved in clusters that consisted of Ub, Eop, Rage & Sup all at mossies / vents area. Also don't know why clans that pulled around 40 / same as us were unresponsive to set up fights & instead did nothing for the majority of the trip and ended. Anyways we got our piece of action and enjoyed it gf everyone that fought today.
  5. Fought Ub, IR, Rage, & Clusters Short trip due to clans ending early, under pulling & being ragged etc Main infested
  6. Solid pull & trip ez

  7. that title and rip your dog