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  1. feelsgoodman when you see them 300+ xp drops on that dbolt but good trip fellas.
  2. lmao yeah man cheers ma nigger <3 ill be on for the trip, might take a nap so im full awake for it.
  3. Yessss boys finally got it, god bless NMZ ~!
  4. wtf, elder maul is worth 48m now?! and ags 24m....damn son
  5. Juicy is free lootations lol
  6. lmao is that you filming?
  7. Hopefully once I get the rangers top I wont have to come back to cw ever again..
  8. Good returns and shoutout to the callers for keeping the fall ins when getting sniped by the cringe mains.
  9. lmao "wtf u doing, go fight retard" 0:51 cool vid man and goodjob boys it was a well worth it trip.
  10. He was my last fight before I was gonna head off. Damn... Elder Maul, Sara Sword and B ring were all pked. and his name is in the chat box.
  11. Finally got 94 magic delayed this motherfucker for so long. Feelsgoodman.
  12. havent done kbd in a while and my mate was like yeah fuck itt lets do it tonight. Kinda wish it was a pet instead but this was pretty sick. suss the kc aswell. couldnt upload file for being to big
  13. Nice man. Keep it up bro!
  14. So your boy Just got his 2nd 99. Now for 94 magic! We made it boys
  15. im gon win that progress training comp. but yeah small update (this is my joining stats from last month)-->