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  1. real shit lmfao half of cp would have no firecapes l0l0l0ll
  2. fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - ted
  3. I'm gonna close your clan

    1. Maaku


      Close ur quran and go get a job

    2. Lure
  4. nice song
  5. lol @ cc he spittin knowledge
  6. @Fatal what did I TELL YOU? leave chain to me, I gave him the treatment that he deserved and now has no powers in CP. It's ur move now yung Jedi.

    1. Drunk



    2. Drunk


      Thats what happens when you cross the green eye killa

    3. Fatal


      I tried making some power moves.

  7. so test it, bring 100m risk to a random wildy spot and see if u get scouted xd
  8. u think ur swedebadass? naw brooo
  9. cuz he a brown boy
  10. wtf not even member