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  1. So this is what autism feels like.
  2. Can we switch back to Teamspeak? Discord just aint cuttin' it.

  3. Dude thanks for letting everyone know! I'm not sure how anyone would've been able to find out if it were not for this topic! 10/10 heh k9k
  4. Shit posting...@Luke You're better than that man
  5. I can vouch that he is trusthworthy! He will not be buying cocaine with the profits!
  6. 2008 Honda Accord
  7. Your name is Jim.
  8. l0l @Drunk isnt at the top of the ranks list. kyp

    1. Drunk


      Alphabetical fam.

    2. Earmuffs


      JD is above you....smh @Drunk

    3. Flop
  9. Dude enough about the 50m. That's chump change, and you know it. kyp
  10. Why the fuck do you retards have to mass spam the same status? It just pushes out actual status updates. Morons.

    1. Maaku


      aree u mongooser or waht @moe is this mongooser

  11. LMAO! You can't complain that a clan you JUST joined doesn't want to switch over to discord. Then when we say that a MAJORITY of our players prefer teamspeak, you ask admin to delete your account. lmao. kyp
  12. 98% of us don't really care if you die or didn't die for ags. I only watch good pkers like Monni or Torvesta /s
  13. What do you mean by this? Just follow the set up that Anton posted. You can obviously change the way they are ordered, but the overall lay out is the same.
  14. I heard you were donkey balls in csgo.
  15. Awesome trip!