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  1. lol
  2. *Phones Ted*
  3. I'm down for H1
  4. fucking stupid dirty muzzies
  5. lmfao my following to follower ratio finna get me gella chicks 

    1. SZN



  6. Oi, I'll tell 'ye what's on me mind mates. THE FACT THAT MY FUGGIN SIG DIDN'T TRANSFER OVER. FUCK!!!

  7. i like big butts
  8. omg
  9. If you google Solarmovies, it's on there. On phone atm or I would. Titled "Snowden"
  10. Right, but at what point do the people lose control.... I think what he did was justifiable, many people already acknowledged and knew they watched people. It's common sense security IMO, they just used advanced technology. Who in their right mind wouldn't want some level of government monitoring towel headed fucks trying to recruit for ISIS, or better yet deterring future attacks? (Liberals, of course)
  11. tbh I feel like Trump would let him off the hook despite all the other bullshit. He essentially released the constant corruption within government, all under Obama, yet, people are such sheeps that they don't realize the fucked up shit even he did. It's comical to me
  12. And what do you think? I personally think he's easily one of the most intelligent people the States had working for them, and I respect his bravery for knowing damn well he'd get fucked for leaking that shit. However, he legit thought he was the man of the year for leaking things the majority of intelligent people knew. He literally sought notoriety through sheep, which is where he gained it. If he decided to come back to the states, without political interception, I think they should let him live in peace. Truthfully, what he leaked...was already known. Thoughts
  13. I've seen worse. I'd eat still, fuck it edit: nvm, maybe a couple drinks deep
  14. @@Franco
  15. what? what is different lol