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  1. Mfw it doesn't matter to me whether you care or not; I like this song, and I'm sharing it with the potential of somebody else enjoying and appreciating it, too. What I'm not sharing it for, is you and all your little hateful boyfriends to flame 24/7 for no fucking reason. Go express your whiny bitchiness elsewhere on the Internet.
  2. Ikr, it had me geekin' out at first.
  3. If you think my posts are crap, then stop viewing them, moron. It's not that difficult.
  4. Never would have thought 3 white nerds could drop something so dope, lol.
  5. Dope updates, tbh. l0l
  6. Brb, becoming part of the reason why Old School RuneScape's player-killing community is shit, and having a nerdgasm for only $9.99!
  7. Lol, I'm going to do whatever I want, even if that includes something that you say to do. I will very happily make my next player-killing video; I appreciate the support, Joey!
  8. Nah, I'm going to do whatever I want. Thanks for your interest.
  9. Whatever helps you sleep at night, babe.