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  1. good on you justin, keep it up
  2. yep pretty much lol, mcgregor won't win though. Still a good move on his part as far as media exposure, payout for participating, etc
  3. wtf is this, -2/10
  4. well at least you have a chance at recovering from cancer. Feminism.... not so much
  5. LMAO mfw moe went from 1.4 bil back to begging people for 3 brews l00000000l @Blue @Anton @Sam
  6. ballin
  7. meh its a good program for voice but text channels are fucked up, anyone can see whos in channels, voice quality isnt on par with teamspeak, anyone can talk in a channel (bad for pk trips and organization etc)
  8. I drive a toyota camry, great gas mileage and super reliable.
  9. pking with the chin unit in 2k14 and 2k15 before any of us were "good" ingame, we just went out and killed kids and had a great time overall.
  10. lmao maaku is the goat, idk why people keep piping up to him :x
  11. lovely video from my nigga <3
  12. britbongers lma0
  13. we all gotta move on from runescape sometime. Props to him for focusing irl and knowing when to step away.