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  1. Check my pinned topic. @Merk
  2. Did quests for my good friend @Ricke
  3. Going out of town for the weekend! Best of luck this weekend. Will try to do the quests for those of you needing them, no promises tho, will be done when i get back if not done this weekend. @Zack @Reapwah @Ricke

  4. Nice account @Ricke keep it man! I have a very similar acc
  5. Yeh bro no more quests for u xD
  6. LOL
  7. No more Mr. Nice Guy
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  11. Neal's Services Info about me: Been in CP for a couple years now, have been a rank and have been a big community guy since being recruited. I have made many friends here and have made many sacrifices for this clan, such as being one of the first to get 39 defence for this clan. Many of you may know me as I am usually around the Teamspeak/Clan-Chat/Discord. However, if you don't, Nice to meet you, My name is Neal. My runescape names are: Air India, and Nea_l. I have done many services for people, from skilling to questing. I treat everyone the same, and am actually a nice guy, so don't be hesitant to talk to me whenever you see me. ALL OF THESE REQUIRE DECENT COMBAT STATS Prices: Mithril Gloves: Good for Pking as you don't want to risk Regen Bracelet With all req's/pre-quests: 10m (MUST HAVE GROWN CAT) With All Skills/No Prequests: 20m With No Skills/No Prequests: 25m Thieving: Needed for Desert Tresure 1-53 Thieving: 15m Will Do higher Thieving as well, Just ask me and I will give you a quote. Desert Treasure: MUST HAVE DECENT COMBAT STATS (Atleast 60-ish Range and Protect Melee) Unlocks Ancient Magiks With all Reqs/Pre-quests: 3.5m With all Skills/No Prequests: 13m With No Skills/No Prequests: 32m (Includes 1-53 Thieving) Monkey Madness (Unlocks Dragon Scimitar) Must have Decent combat stats and Protect Melee With All Req's/Prequests: 3.5m With no Skills/No Prequests: 8m Crystal Bow: With all Requirements/Pre-Quests: 2m With all Req's/No Prequests: 17m With no skills/No Prequests: 35m (Includes 1-56 Agility) Some Services I have done recently: 44-66 Runecrafting & 71-80 Thieving for @2pac Quests for @Zack include: 4-53 theiving 1-25 agility Big Chompy Bird Hunting The Golem Shadow of the Storm Aid of Myreque Search for Myreque Dig Site Temple of Ikov Quests for @Mack Include: Troll Stronghold Temple of Ikov Tourist Trap Digsite Quest Desert Treasure WILL DO INDIVIDUAL QUESTS AND WILL GIVE YOU A QUOTE IF YOU ASK ME How to contact me: Teamspeak: Nickname: ''Neal - Doing Certain Services" I have Elder rank. Feel free to ask me to log into my RS account "Air India & Nea_L" to avoid imposters. Discord: 🐅 Neal - Certain Services 🐅 IRC: Query: [CP]Neal, I will currently not take passwords on here but can always pm to discuss. Forums: (Slowest response but this is where you can reach me when im not online) You may PM me on forums letting me know you're interested and you can mention any questions here. Do NOT mention any log-in details here. Details get sent through IRC / Teamspeak if I have confirmed it's me ingame on the account '' Nea_L '' Thank you all, Also credit to @Ricke . I used his format for his Topic for Firecapes! PM @ricke for your firecapes. He will always be trusted by me, check out his pinned Topic about firecapes and See my Trust trade my entire bank (1.4b) to him. Thank you very much for your interest and for reading. Criticism will be taken and applied. Thanks CP <3