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  1. About to log on RS. Wondering if anyone would be kind enough to lend a BP so I can do a quick lol one hour fight caves I gave 6m to psycho yeti so don't have BP anymore . Anyone able to help? I can give a bit of a collateral or pawn some stuff to ya. Ty to all who read
  2. @SZN Mardi gras beads and a stack of $1s
  3. Warriors in 5
  4. I may start taking this supplement
  5. Too bad I drink a lot and can't get that REM stage often
  6. Insanely impressed
  7. Hey members of CP, It's ya boy Taneks coming at you from my laptop in my parent's basement. Currently I'm not too thrilled with my lifestyle and how I'm attributing my resources, (mostly my time and money). I am going to go on a two week cleanse. During this time I may scarcely log into RuneScape, and I definitely won't be on Teamspeak (probably really unlikely to keep up to date on this forum site also). I have issues going on right now and also have an upcoming court appearance in a week. I just bought a journal and am going to write among pursuing other personal interests. I will probably cut back and possibly stop working out all together. If anyone wants to get a hold of me they can either do one of two things: 1) Snapchat me @ andrewgstanek OR 2) Talk to me in CC if I'm online I'll miss you guys--will catch up soon.
  8. Massive
  9. Idk what's worse for someone to believe.
  10. anyone doing quest services for this? What's the price? Thanks!
  11. Alex is a good dude .
  12. Finally checking out the new Gorrilaz album while I fill out job applications, anyone check it out? Digging it so far