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[DECLINED] darktox9 app

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l Pk Dark l

l Pk Dark l
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What is your RuneScape Display Name?


Place the link to your Community Introduction here.


What timezone do you live in?

+1 gmt

Who do you know in CP? How long have you known them?

drunkinr2h,chain is law,lowcountries the question is do they remember me:D

Does anyone else have access to your account?


Post a screenshot of your current stats. Include your Display Name in the picture.
(57 Woodcutting is a requirement)

still training
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Please provide us with a screenshot of your dangerous return sets, including your Display Name. (At least 10 F2P & P2P sets)

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List every clan you have been ever been in or applied for (we will know). List the account name you were in the clan on, the highest rank you achieved in the clan, and how long you were in it. If CP is your first clan, please say so.

cp is my first

We have Mandatory Pk Trips on both Saturday AND Sunday at 4 PM EST (9 PM GMT, 1 PM PST). We begin gathering ingame for these events 30 minutes prior. Can you make a majority of these PK trips?

yes,but idk about saturdays ill do my best and sundays im most likely online

It is required that clan members have both IRC and TS3 to communicate with members and ranks. Please post a screenshot of you in both IRC (#Clan-CP) and our TeamSpeak 3 server (ts.cp-rs.com).

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Have you added the following people in game?: Chain Is Law, Drunkinr2h, Opening:

yes i have them added

Filling out this application isn't enough. We expect outstanding ingame, forum, IRC, and TS activity from all Corrupt Pures. Make yourself feel at home through the use of all communication methods listed above. Once suspected as inactive you may be removed from the clan. Do you understand this?

Yes i do

Please post a screenshot of a Weekend trip you have attended. You may leave this blank until you have attended one. Let us know once you update it though!





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Thanks for apping

- get 57wc for canoe returning in f2p to mossies

- get 94magic because u will be maging in p2p because u are 1def and train up other stats up also because we are mostly 100cmb +

- more returns

gl mate



    More than a clan

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welcome to cp keep training and be on for trips!

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Fat Eop Lil Nick

Fat Eop Lil Nick
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Make sure you get more returns and keep training up




    duck your taco

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Fix that p2p return tab ASAP nnd let us know once you have.

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Gl man keep training
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Abyssal Wtf

Abyssal Wtf

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your name seems familiar..
Keep training (mage especially since you are 1 def)
and also get 57 wc, it's great for returning.

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me old school cp 2

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    Més Que Un Clan

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Train up.

Ex @High Council 2014 - 2017

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