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13 July 2017 - 22:15
1 minute ago, Reapwah said:

Na fam she would rather a brown kid than you


13 July 2017 - 22:12
50 minutes ago, Reapwah said:

Is @Chain going to sv trip?

50 minutes ago, Reapwah said:

Is @Chain going to sv trip?

see ya ur moms trips

13 July 2017 - 13:11

12:30 CENTRAL / 1:30 EASTERN / 6:30 GMT




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29 June 2017 - 04:35


25 June 2017 - 02:02

thats literally a link to swiftirc u rat LMAO

17 June 2017 - 05:59
Just now, Jordai said:



17 June 2017 - 05:53

Feel free to add more or cross them off as they come back.

17 June 2017 - 05:53

ITT: Bitches That Will Come Back Once You Do All Of The Hard Work For Them





05 June 2017 - 03:48


02 June 2017 - 17:38

Yo come talk in TS

02 June 2017 - 17:34
23 minutes ago, Will said:

people will eventually move to maxed 1-20 def 106/101 cb accs but currently we're at a phase where 88 cb is the meta and as the scene grows more competitive and clans close in on the gap that some clans have (combat wise) people will then search for another advantage through leveling attack & prayers however I do not think this scene will ever go back to 25+ def

even if you WERE RIGHT (your not) come on ur 109 and just continue to stunt CP's growth even- if u were right (UR NOT) ppl want to play on pures right now and thats the wave everyones riding so either figure out how to motivate our current core, bring back the old and recruit new faces to get CP going

Sounds like you're a beta idiot. Go join a different clan scrub.

01 June 2017 - 04:37
9 hours ago, Anton said:

There is no def cap in the wildy retard @Moe


11 hours ago, Merk said:

Stay woke lil niggas



This is why we are Corrupt Brothers, y'all. I feel the love.

01 June 2017 - 02:26

fuck yeah gunna see these guys at Warped

31 May 2017 - 16:40
Just now, Swag said:

This “game” has been your life for like 10+ years, i think you're the fucking virgin here buddy. The points your brought up make me fucking laugh. “What's the difference between someone bringing a 10 def fucked up account and my 39 def maxed pure?” Wow, just wow. You react in a defensive manner whenever someone objects what you have to say. That stubborness is something you and John havealways had, and is why your clan has and will fail to progress. And lmao at you caling me fat and ugly, i'd beat the fuck out of you little e-thug.

You fucking suck at everything RS and IRL related.

31 May 2017 - 16:39
28 minutes ago, Drunk said:

Imagine being a beta and being in a beta clan at any point in your life.

31 May 2017 - 16:02
4 minutes ago, Fatal said:

I don't think we have to play by any unwritten rules, it's a fact that we followed suit after the majority went 88- cb.. it's also a fact our community/activity/quality all dwindled after relying on mains for such a long time. And I'm explaining the benefits of this 1 defense shit by bringing up recruiting.. because if a staff team can't capitalize on the extreme abundance of 1 defense pures in RS rn.. then yeah this era is going to suck major dickington.

We won't play by any unwritten rules. I'm not letting 12 year old newfag leaders tell me that I can't bring whatever accounts I want in the wild while they are on fucked up 20 def accounts and their mains.

Edit: These 88- combat accounts won't go unused, and people should still train them for the sake of preps.

I would beg to differ on the reason why the community/activity dwindled. I think you would to, saying the use of mains is the reason sounds like quite the scapegoat. 1 def pures weren't recruitable before? We still accepted 1-39 def.

It's all an excuse. I'm just pointing out the flaws in the current pure community. The idea is cool - but it's simply not realistic. No one truthfully follows these unwritten rules.

Feels good to finally get this off my chest
31 May 2017 - 15:49
2 hours ago, Fatal said:

Agreed to an extent. If cringe clans like Fi don't prep because a few kids have 5-9defence in robes.. then yeah it's a pretty retarded limitation and more than likely could be avoided with proper communication prior, still cringe af though. But defense is like a fucking gateway drug for these kids, you get 20.. then 25.. then 30.. then 39, it just isn't worth the toxicity in that regard. I assume on pk trips a defense req isn't upheld so relentlessly but, I can safely say I enjoyed clanning the very least when defense was so prevalentand mains were so relevant.

In retrospect, defense doesn't benefit anything whatsoever.. other than an advantage over other clans that don't have as much of it. Either way, nobody willingly gets defense just to do it.. there's agendas behind it.. so rationalizing defense just because a few kids fucked their accounts upis also counter productive. At this point “the majority of clans” dictate what every other clan does.. so if you're out the loop I'm assuming you'll get starved.

Even so, nowadays with 1 defense??? RECRUITING SHOULD BE THE EASIEST IT'S EVER BEEN. There's no prioritizing recruits that have defense and prayer etc,you can literally recruit any 1 defense kid and mold them up without coaxing them into ruining their account. Which should be the BIGGEST ASPECT that every CLAN LEADER should APPRECIATE . This era will SUCK if we can't TAKE ADVANTAGEof that aspect.

My 2 cents.

We aren't talking about preps. I have no problems with setting rules/exceptions in preps if that's what clans want to do. I'm talking about the wild. Every clan is bringing kids with 5, 10, 20 defense, not to mention the occasional guy on their main. Why can clans bring 10 defense accounts when I can't bring my 39 defense account? Both accounts aren't “pure”. It's happening, and the fact you think we have to play by some unwritten rules is embarrassing. Didn't mention anything about recruiting so idk where that came from.

1 hour ago, SZN said:


Refer to my reply below because I know exactly how you think.

1 hour ago, Swag said:

I'm not sure how you can say this era sucks when activity levels amongst pure clans is the highest i've seen in a whileand more and more former players are coming back into the scene.Bringing your 39 def accounts to weekend trips is actually a fucking retarded decision and will result in clans disrespecting you more than they already do. Every other clan seems to make 1-5 def work quite well, i'm not sure why you guys cant get it together over here. This gameplan should really be rethought if you care about the clan @Chain.

Haha, activity has been the same for years. You are actually one of the most stupid kids I know. Not to mention fat and ugly. You think you know how pure clans work but YOU DON'T. You never will because you truly believe how you think is right, and it's sadly never right. I'm guessing you haven't been to a trip in a while. Mains are everywhere, as they always have been. What's the difference between someone bringing a 10 def fucked up account and my 39 def maxed pure? There is no logic that says one is ok and the other isn't. Disrespect.. over RuneScape? No one cares about each other enough to “respect” them. It's a game, grow up you fucking virgin. No clan actually follows any sort of 1-5 def rule. You're gullible as fuck.

Listen guys, I know the low defense life is fun for you, and I respect why it's fun for you. The reality is, it's not actually there. It's not a thing. No clan doesn't bring mains, no clan sticks to the 88 combat thing, no clan sticks to the 1-5 def thing - it's all just a front. The fact you actually think ANYONE is following those unwritten rules “in private” is so beta. People will always do what they have to do to win, those people BEAT people like you because you think you have to follow some sort of made up rules. It's actually quite hilarious.

31 May 2017 - 12:19

My nig. Welcome

31 May 2017 - 11:26

Let me spread some knowledge for y'all really quick.

A pure is made on RuneScape to have an “unfair advantage” over accounts with defense. To have this unfair advantage you kept your defense as low as you could, while not gaining any combat levels. Basically, 1 or 2 defense made it a pure. Not 3 OR ANYTHING HIGHER, you gain a combat level.

This pure clanning era banks on accounts being under 88 combat. There is literally no logic behind this. What about 1 defense account builds that exceed 88 combat? What about the people using accounts with 3 or higher defense currently in pure clans? It makes no sense to call this era “only pures” when you are handicapping yourself at certain account builds. A maxed 1/2 defense pure is 101 combat. Why are we exiling people who max out 1 defense accounts? Why do we have to set “exceptions” to high leveled 1 defense accounts? There is no logic behind it.

For as long as I can remember, pure clans have always considered 25 or under defense acceptable for pure clans. This eventually became 39 or under for a lot of clans. Was 39 defense pure? No, but either is 3 if you truly think about the logic behind a “pure”.

Why did this change happen? A lot of what I'm picking up from the community is this change happened because of mains on weekends. All I have to say to that is go read one wilderness aftermath topic from the last month. There is a main in every picture. You will not get rid of mains. In fact, you are already seeing clans starting to counter mains with MORE mains. The only thing that changed is most people are on their accounts that are 88 or under combat instead of their maxed 39 def pure. It's really stupid if you think about it.

No one can tell me what account I can use in the wilderness. There are mains everywhere, and high leveled “10 defense pure” accounts that I should be able to kill on my “39 defense pure” account. If you truly think being on your 80 combat 3 defense account is “saving the community”, while you are multi logged on a maxed main is doing anything, you're dumb. If you don't do it necessarily, GET REAL - someone else is. Why are you bending the knee to what they want you to do?

Listen, if clans want to continue doing preps where there's an 88 combat exception, that's cool and I understand it. But why the fuck are you following some unwritten 88 combat rule in the wild? That's some dumb ass shit.

Clans will do anything to get their win, and if it means logging on their main to attack you, THEY WILL STILL DO IT. You are gullible to think anything otherwise.

Because of this, I'll see y'all at the trip on my 109 cmb 39 def maxed pure. Retards.