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As a member of Corrupt Pures you are most likely familiar with August 4th. This date is symbolic to CP in much bigger ways than simply winning a full out war. Before I explain myself I want to touch base with all of you new CP members and explain what happened on that date. Simply put, we won a F2P full out war vs. Fatality, we were largely outleveled (kinda like how we are now vs. FI), outnumbered, and HUGE underdogs - the pure fansite at the time was Pure Warfare, a poll was made before the war took place and the predicted winner was FI (102 votes), compared to CP's (29 votes). I would like to get to explaining what August 4th means to me in the long run, but I will fill you guys in on some RS related information on the war first.

Round 1

CP Starting: 98

FI Starting: 99

CP Ending: 76

FI Ending: 0

Round 2

CP Starting: 95

FI Starting: 99

CP Ending: 0

FI Ending: 70

Round 3

CP Starting: 95

FI Starting: 96

CP Ending: 59

FI Ending: 0

My suggested videos:

Whether you've been here for a year or a week it's important to get the idea of why we make it such a big deal. CP has always been a clan that has been built around a community. The people in the clan has made it what it is. There has been so many ups and downs, and the same people have stuck around for years being the backbone of this clan. The next time you see a Legend+ online be sure to thank them for what they have done for CP, their work for their tenure in CP is a huge reason why you are a part of this clan today and why it's still alive. When the week before the weekend of August 4th came around, CP was not doing amazing. We were pulling around 50 to PK trips and averaging 115ish people on the forums daily. The staff got together and decided we needed to make a move before EOC hit. We declared on MM and FOE, both of who declined. Eventually FI accepted, we knew for a fact we were the underdogs and we would struggle to hit near 100 people. We spent the week contacting as many old school members as possible. I believe it was sometime on Thursday we finally hit 100+ Yes sign ups. We were pretty comfortable at that point we would have enough people to beat FI. Not much thinking went into this fight, we got our people together, made sure people knew what to wear, and acted as if it was a normal weekday matched fight. What I am trying to get at is the 100 man pull was NOT EXPECTED. We literally YOLO'd getting this fight, but with the strong work of CP members we managed to find every ex-CP member possible to get to that 100 man pull. There are so many strong bonds between people in CP that it has even transferred into real life, this is most likely the reason we were able to get 100 Corrupt Pures ready for battle. You are not just a part of an online community, but a real family that will be here for you when times are low or when you are simply looking for something to do. So whether you were there or not be proud of that day and feel free to claim you were there even if you weren't, because by being in CP you are a part of our family. August 4th is within you <3

You really need to think about clans in a different way to understand why we feel so strongly about this glorious day, but here a few CP staff members words on what this day means to them.


What does August 4th mean to me? WHAT DOES FUCKING AUGUST 4TH MEAN TO ME?? Is that even a serious question man? August 4th is an iconic day in the pure community that will never be forgotten. It stands for unity, trust, family, love, and most importantly, winning. The fact that the entire community has heard of this day and remembers it speaks for itself. Our “I Slayed Fatality On August 4th” graphics and all of the clans that have copied us with something similar, really capitalizes how big this day was. August 4th isn't just a day, it's a lifestyle. With over tens of thousands of views on the videos of our glorious Full Out War win, this day will forever be embedded in Corrupt Pures' and the pure community's history.

Of course, with CP having nearly a decade of history, and tons of clans having some sort of hatred towards us due to our extensive past, a vast majority of the community voted in the polls that Fatality would win the battle. Foolishly, they must have thought that RuneScape clanning was all about the levels… the grinding… the gp buying… the use of level 110 Combat maxed (at that time) accounts. On August 4th, Corrupt Pures strolled up with 100 men ready to feast. The night before we had a family bonding night and some of us even stood up all night watching Project X lmfao *never forget*. Out leveled, out experienced in Full Out Wars, and with the entire community waiting for the other clan to come out victorious, we feasted, and steamrolled every green cape in front of us. The speeches given, the calls made, and the kids banged in front of our eyes were too great to ever forget.

Never forget the push in Round 1 where we split Fatality in two (one group of them north, and one group of them south of us lmfao) and dismantled them to until the win. Never forget the speech Key gave us after Round 2 comforting us, that “WE WILL NOT LOSE THIS SHIT, WE DIDN'T WAIT THIS LONG TO LOSE.” Never forget the Round 3 push where we pushed the green caped fucks from the center of the Plateau map all the way to the Southwest corner of the lava. Never forget the auto clickers (Shoutout to Andy LOL) that we turned on to mass click against the lava and finally take the opt advantage and win Round 3. Never forget the Victory lap we did with the “We are the Champions” song playing in the background. Never forget the places we ran all across RuneScape with only our CP Capes on spamming and laughing on TS. Never forget the endless amount of pictures and videos we have of the day. And most importantly, never forget the win every single CORRUPT PURE put the effort into getting. Corrupt till we die.


Once upon an August 4th, Corrupt Pures declared a full out war on Fatality. This full out war would show Fatalitys true colors, and created a pre-existing legacy for CP. Little did the pure community know, this would start a trend of full out losses for Fatality. August 4th has a special place in all of our hearts, especially mine. Preparing for this full-out was like preparing for a World War with Russia. We knew it would get heated, and we knew blood would be shed. We held our heads high and let Chain69 & Drunkin R2h work their magic. Saturday came, and the madness began. All nighters were pulled, iDungeons were put to use, and corrupt dragon scimitars were purchased by each and every blue warrior. Any Corrupt Pure without a gravite short bow was labeled a peasent. There was no doubt this would be the biggest full out in our history. Each legend that was once active in CP attended. Names such as Dr R A G E, Ibugppl, and `Pure were seen on this glorious day. Prior to Saturday a poll was posted for the pure community to vote on. CP Vs Fatality F2p Full-Out War. The results read: CP (29 votes) 22%, FI (102 votes) 78%. This went to show us how wholesome this full out was, and how much it meant to us. As the final round ended spams of This Is Why Im CP filled the arena. Joy and laughter reigned throughout the TeamSpeak as we victory lapped around FI. Wed continue our march to Falador, Edgeville, and eventually back to the homeland

August 4th means multiple things to me. It means the Corrupt Pures family is stronger than ANY other family in the community. Every member who voted yes committed to that yes no matter the situation. Every member helped prepare for this battle with 0 questions asked. Not only did every member commit their Saturday afternoon to fighting for Corrupt Pures, they pitched in on a battle that would be remembered for years to come. Aside from the obvious, August 4th has a special place in my young heart. I was only 14 years old at this time (lol). I sat back and watched my teacher Drunkin R2h pull off something only a handful of clans could ever dream of. August 4th means with your back against the wall, never give up. Keep pushing and let the observers know who reigns victorious.

@J V

Being the new fag rank that I am, its common knowledge that I wasnt around to partake in the glory of August 4th. So when Chain asked me to explain what August 4th meant to me, I was at first at a loss of words. After a lot of thinking I came to realize something that I often time overlook and undervalue. The events that transpired on August 4th epitomize what Corrupt Pures is all about. Its the things that separate a clan like Corrupt Pures from all those other acne covered, fat fingered fuck boy clans we war against. Family, a lot of clans throw this word around for various reasons. Unlike them family actually means something. Shakespeare wrote We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother. When I think about this quote, the thing that comes to my mind are all the epic adventures that I have been so blessed to be a part of and hope to be a part of in the future. From the good to the bad, I am happy that Ive had and still have the opportunity to spend my free time with people so awesome. From the Leader right now to the applicants. Id do anything for you lads and I truly think of you guys as my brothers, my family.


Shout out to:

06 April 2017 - 06:06


Pure clans are changing. The HPC scene has merged into the LPC scene. Everyone in HPC clans are training accounts for the LPC scene. We are going to make “the movement” to this LPC scene for the sake of action.




The requirements are fucking stupid. But we'll play along.

Requirements are easy: 1-20 defense, 70-88 combat

Train an account or find one. You're basically useless for the time being if you don't have that.


See you guys on April 29th at 1:30 PM EST. The trip will begin at 2:00 PM EST.

Vote in the poll here or you're a bitch:…he-first-trips/


Click your name on the top right, edit profile, and update your RSN with your new LPC account. After that, click the Memberlist on the top left, it will be updated eventually.


Idle in TeamSpeak ( and our clan chat (Chain Is Law). Recruit pures as you are training, just get them in in our CC and TeamSpeak and make sure they know when trips are and to come back in TS when they are online. It's that easy.

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