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15 December 2017 - 19:17
What's up guys, long time no see. 

So what happened to CP? I didn't get on for a while, came back, and the forums have been migrated and are nearly dead. What did I miss? 
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21 April 2014 - 19:45

This is a basic overall guide for clan wars. It covers maxed gear, proper inventories, and some simple tactics.

Get this gear as soon as you can boys. Maxed gear is not only sexy but really does make a difference!

First we'll start with P2P. F2P is at the end.


1 Def

(Use mitre if you don't have halo)

Credit to 2pac for this picture.

25 Def

(20 Def is the same but with mystic/wizard boots)

Mages are the MVPs of p2p warring. Without mages we wouldn't be able to keep up the pressure on the opposing clan.

Your job is to make sure that the opponent has no chance of escape, and without you piling would be next to impossible. While maging, you should be looking for clumps/piles and freezing people off of your clan mates at all time. Maxed mage is very important. Not only will you almost never splash, but you will hit a lot more accurately. You should also bring a d scim while maging for it's prayer dropping special.

N Range

You shouldn't N range unless you are:

70+ Attack

20+ Def

99 Strength

91+ Range

52+ Prayer

1 Def

(Use bearhead if you don't have halo)

25 Def

(20 Def is the same but with Castle Wars range top)

Ranger Boots > Climbing Boots.

As a N ranger your main job is to put out as much DPS as possible on piles using range and mostly melee. Your other job is to keep pressure on mages, not allowing them to get off free casts. Maxed range/melee ensures you are putting out the most damage while allowing you to tank for days.

When you're N ranging it is important to have a strong melee weapon to dish out heavy damage such as the Abyssal tentacle or preferably a Godsword.

In addition to your whip/god sword, bringing a d scim for it's special is never a bad idea. (Unless you have AGS)


(Some people like to bring more brews - this is what works best for me.)



Nig Range

(Super Attack is optional)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now for F2P.

85- Combat (Binding)

If you're binding, you should focus on binding piles that you see within a clump and be calling those names out. As a binder, your main focus is not to do damage, but to throw a lot of binds. If you aren't throwing a bind every 10-20 seconds, you're doing it wrong.

86+ Combat (Range)

This job is pretty self explanatory. Do as much damage to piles as you possibly can.

If you're 86+ combat and would rather bind, feel free to do so.




Hopefully this guide helped you in some way. Let me know if you have any questions.