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Sep 02 2011
11 September 2017 - 18:46
Hurricane Irma was ez.
14 September 2017 - 16:07
If you see old CP members online and notice they aren't on these forums please tell them to contact me so I can get them set up. I see a lot of people just not logging in because they failed to read the ?? annoucement topic. I think it would be nice to keep these forums slightly active just to stay up to date with everyone.
05 September 2017 - 21:03
As of right now the TeamSpeak will remain online. I don't see any real reason to take it offline. Most newer members weren't too IRC savvy so the best way to stay in touch with CP members or myself will be on these forums or in our discord at

I am usually on TeamSpeak on weekdays around 6 PM est until 10ish.