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Nov 14 2011
06 August 2016 - 19:52

The best advice I can give to anyone interested in running a successful pure clan is it should be so well organized and filled with good people that it basically runs itself. Over these past few months CP has put together one of the best staffs imaginable on this game. People from all over the world and of all ages. We have put together a member base that doesn't need baby sitting and keeps itself active. We reached great milestones on our forums this week averaging more posts a day then mostly every other pure clan. Our spies, leaks, and tracks are solid and required no work this week. We were ready for this trip as soon as our last one ended. We spread the word about the PK trip all throughout the week, keeping the spirits high and keeping the community active, and sure enough pulled 100 Corrupt Pures, a very much expected pull :>. Gf Foe. Corrupt Pures #1 today no discussion.

CP members for our amazing performances.

Foe for the fights. Sad that you had to team with a mediocre clan when we had even opts, owell didnt work out :>

EoP for killing Fi once again lmao.




We asked Foe for a fight seeing as we had even opts but sadly we had to chase them and let them hit us on log in for a fight lmfao. We fought for over 10 minutes both clans having the upperhand couple times. Fi rushed in to save Foe with their team capes when we were almost even opts. They probably claimed a win after we dipped out lmfao. Gf.

Corrupt Pures Starting: 87 |?| Ending: 76 people when Fi rushed.

Final Ownage Elite Starting: 90 |?| Ending: 78 people when Fi rushed.

Without banking we waited for Foe to walk up for our 2nd fight but once again they were trying to hit us on login lmfao. Theres no discussion about this fight, we literally pushed Foe from west Sperm Pond > Ghost Hut trees > Ca > 13P untill we pushed them to single, we lost like 5 people in this fight lol. Fi rushed in with Foe capes and Foe ran back to multi trying to claim a win lmfao.. Gf.

Corrupt Pures Starting: 100 |?| Ending: 94

Final Ownage Elite Starting: 85 |?| Ending: 40 people in single.

After Fi crashed our fight we quickly got a fall in to 1v2 em, this was a good ass return fight that lasted for about 20 mins. Supremacy crashed the fight when we got the fight almost matched opts lmao. Good fight alliance.

Corrupt Pures Starting: 90 |?| Ending: 84

Final Ownage Elite+Fatality Starting: 120 |?| Ending: 87

Pretty much same as our 2nd fight, we pushed them from Corp hill to 13Ports and pushed them west to single. Gf.

Corrupt Pures Starting: 92 |?| Ending: 78

Final Ownage Elite Starting: 83 |?| Ending: 37 people in single.

Typical return fight north of our homeland that we will never lose lmao.. But this time our Ts got hit off l0l.. Brought back a 50v65 and pushed Foe dead tree, fight got back west to rune rocks untill we ran east to multi with 67 but Foe decided not to follow us with their 50 people. CP clearly #1 today.

Corrupt Pures Starting: ? |?| Ending: 67 people at vents.

Final Ownage Elite Starting: ? |?| Ending: 50 people stayed in single at rune rocks.

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