The Founding

Corrupt Pures were founded by Drunk & Flop in November of 2005.



`Rage was promoted to leader along with other key officials which quickly made CP a force in F2P. CP would challenge and defeat TLP twice in two F2P full out wars.


F2P Elites

Sir Pker Wil & Vlooieneuker were added as leaders to help CP compete vs. Fatality for #1 F2P as well as dominate lower clans such as The Hatred.


PCL - Bh Crater

The Wilderness is removed & CP continue to dominate not losing a single fight in multi bh crater.



PVP is released. Honey Garlic is promoted to leader as CP fight clans such as Destructive Pures, Fatality, Eruption Of Pures, Malice & Epidemic.


Chain69 Era

Chain & SD join CP and instantly make CP a contender for #1 F2P. CP will go on to dominate EOP & FOE(FOEOP) for months.


Big Dick Adamantitum

Toxine Pk is added as leader while CP continue to dominate clans such as EOP, FI, FOE & NME.



CP defeat Fatality in a F2P full out war on August 4th, 2012 only weeks after FI defeated EOP in a full out war. During 2012 CP would go on a 24-prep win streak & close alliances such as TSA(Nme, War, Hi, Ir).


#1 Matched - EOC - OSRS

CP continues their momentum from 2012 and forces TWO clans to get 30 def to compete(NME & FOE). With news of EOC on the horizon CP takes down MM in a 50v50 f2p prep on the last day pre-eoc.


Oldschool Runescape

Old School Runescape is released. Merk & David are promoted to leader. CP establishes themselves as one of the top pure clans.


Puff Puff <yourclan>

Merk & David continue to dominate the scene in both servers. 2015 would see eop and fi running from CP on almost every pk trip and would ultimately lead to EOP's closure.


Kiss The Ring

Sam is introduced as leader and continues CP's F2P reign. Clans such as Cd, Sv, Tlp & Foe would challenge CP but they proved to not be a match for CP, Sam & the elder contracts.


#1 F2P Pure Clan

Endless #1 spam towers as CP would dominate the scene for months. Dominating Foe/Eop; CP would go on to force more than 5-6 clans to team just to compete. Clans begin to create new low level pures & Corrupt Pures leaves Runescape on a long term vacation.