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Hey all,

Just wanted to post here and let you know that I have made the entire Corrupt Pures forums public. All images, topics etc. should all be available. I have purged all of the emails, passwords, ip addresses from the database so if this database ends up getting leaked(likely since this version of Invision Power Board is old and probably vulnerable) you shouldn't have to worry about someone getting any of that info.

If you are looking for a specific signature or something and can't find it just let me know.

Hope everyone is doing well. I have been personally playing casually here and there along with Chain, Toxine, David, Merk, Fatal & Sam. Jv also hops on from time to time.

The more I've played this game after CP closed the more I realize how great we had things in CP. The community & quality of every single member was definitely something that is rare these days. I'm glad we were able to keep it around for over 12 years solidifying us as the longest standing pure clan of all time without closures in between.

I have disabled posting on these forums so if you'd like to come chat with tons of old CP members simply hop onto our Discords:

https://discord.gg/KEycumT < Corrupt Pures
https://discord.gg/hFYAatw < Immortal (Mess around clan we made when mobile osrs came out. This is our more active discord)

I miss everyone and hope to see some familiar faces come around our discord.


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