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I need to see you show some type of dedication and atleast try to get on IRC/forums once a day to be updated with the happenings in our clan; even if its for a few minutes. You told us you would be active about a week ago and I haven't really seen anything change. We need to start seeing you at Saturdays and Sundays ASAP. When you are online, make sure you express your opinions on anything staff related, post on forums, and talk in IRC/TS. Members need to see you doing something to know who you are.

Do this:
- Get more active as soon as possible.
- Talk to some ex-IR. A lot of them are deciding between EOP/Havoc and aren't really sure. Let them know the right clan to join.
- Post on forums and come in IRC daily.
- Let us know if you will make mandatory events so we can tell another rank to do your "job".

Post your opinion below on all of this 0ynxx.

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Alright I just got a job at walmart 3rd shift so I've been alil busy. I'll get on this


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