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Read for how the Activity System works

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Activity System Basic Information

The Activity System is a system in which the staff of CP keep track of in-game activity and reward you with points. Your goal when being rewarded points is to ultimately reach the most points in that month to win the Grand Prize! We will keep track of the points you have gained from attending Mini Wars/Unofficial Trips, Mandatory Events/Official PK Trips, as well as the levels you obtain on your active CP account.

Attendance must be taken (screenshot of the CC with the Members who attended) and posted in this forum to receive points for the Event (attendance will always be taken at Mandatory Events by a Staff member). Chances are, if there wasn't a topic posted for members to attend the event, it isn't Mandatory and you should definitely take attendance. Proof of your in-game levels must be presented in a topic in this forum as well, if you wish to receive the points you deserve (more information in the FAQ below). Leveling your accounts takes tons of time and money; make sure you post your progress if you wish to end up as the month's winner!

The points for each aspect of the system are below:

Each Combat skill leveled (must have proof of the levels): 3 Points
Miniwars/Unofficial Trips (must include 10+ CP members): 15 Points
Mandatory Events/Official PK Trips (attendance will always be taken by a Staff member): 30 Points

Note: You are allowed to post your levels in the following skills: Attack, Strength, Defense, Ranged, Prayer, Magic, and Hitpoints.

Each month's Activity System winner will be rewarded with the Grand Prize of that month. This may include one of the following: a cash prize, a quest completed, or even a fire cape done free of charge. Every winner and runner up will receive a signature to show off.

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Activity System FAQs

1) Where do I see how many points I have?
In this forum there is a pinned topic showing the standings for the current month. They will be updated almost daily so you can track your progress.

2) Do we post the results of events in the Activity System forum or the Event Aftermath forum?
In the Activity System forum all you are required to post a brief recap of the event, along with a picture of the clan chat so points can be given accordingly. You can include more details about the fight (if we are victorious) in the Event Aftermath topic so our guests can view our activity.

3) How do I let the staff of CP know that I've been gaining levels on my account?

In the Activity System forum, simply just post a topic with your account progress including the Combat skills you've leveled. You can either post picture(s) of the Combat skill(s) you've leveled, or if you do not have screenshots of the levels, join #Clan-CP in IRC and type one of the following commands to track your progress. This is a quicker and easier method to provide proof:

.07track RSN  - shows the levels you've gained in the past week

.07track RSN @2wks  - shows the levels you've gained in the past two weeks.

After, copy and paste exactly what RuneScript says, and create a topic in this forum. Points will be calculated for each Combat skill and then added to the Points Standings List.

4) When should I post my progress? Weekly? Monthly?

This is totally up to you. If you feel that you want to jump up in the standings right before the month ends, then by all means, post your progress once a month. If you think that you might accidentally forget to post your progress before the month ends, posting your progress weekly will fix that issue.

If you have any questions feel free to get in contact with me. Chances are someone else has that same question and it will allow me to add it to this post.

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