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Going Inactive?

Please post a topic in this forum stating the reason and time you will be inactive from Corrupt Pures.
We hope to see you soon!

Leaving the clan?

If you're thinking about leaving CP due to a clan matter left unresolved, then I suggest you to follow the steps below before deciding to take a permanent leave.

Dispute the issue:

Step 1.) Pm the person or party that you are having the problem with and try to resolve it clan mate vs clan mate. If common sense does not work with that person then refer to the steps below.

Step 2.) Pm a official rank on IRC to have them hear every side of the story and perhaps dispute the problem at hand. If the opposing part is unreasonable he will be dealt with.

Step 3.) You can be the bigger man and forgive the person and realize that leaving CP over small issues is not worth it because we are much more then a clan, we're a family.

Please copy the following in the quotes into a new topic and fill it out:



Why are you leaving?:

Will you be back?:

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