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Inactive Sweep

  • Do once a month, create a topic/poll.

  • Make sure you take clan chat attendance (after you hop to your first world) the week BEFORE and the week of the inactive sweep. This way when you go to re-add people you aren't accidentally removing an active person in game but not active on forums (it happens).

  • Go through each forum rank Leader-Member, you can use ctrl+f and search each person's name to see if they voted/viewed the poll. If they viewed/voted then you keep them at that rank, if they didn't just move them to Retired.

  • Clear your friends list, re-add everyone that had signed up/viewed..as well as adding the people who showed up to a trip within the past couple weeks.

Hall of Fame

  • Every other month create a poll in HoF Voting with the current active Legends and allow people to vote until that following Monday. From the date of this post, the next voting should be posted this weekend.

  • When you have a winner, give them HoF rank on TS/Forums and Half-OP in IRC. Add them to the HoF list on the forums.

Random Shit To Do

  • Council/Officer Evaluations..make sure Council's are doing job. If Officers don't get their events two weeks in a row, move them to the appropriate rank (Elder if rank for 6 months/correct Member-Legend rank if not)

  • Getting events/posting the topic before Monday..updating the TS header

  • All Applications (Member-Legend)..I usually don't add applicants throughout the week unless I recruit them, and then if I add them for a trip then I accept them, if they don't I just let it sit there for another week. If they don't come to a trip 2 weeks in a row, then I usually decline.

  • Decide if anyone is deserving of a promotion, usually if someone scouts 2 weeks in a row, like both trips during the week and all trip, I consider them for Officer. If they do that and understand clan betters, or they get leaks instead of scouting - I consider them for Council. I always want to have one Council who is in charge of organizing scouts and making the aftermath topics. You can decide if other jobs are needed. This is kind of a judgement thing, but you have to some sort of criteria.

  • Usually I try to have one thing for "hype" a week, for example: awards, an announcement, something like that.

  • My goal is to have double 99s as a prep requirement by January 1st, that is something we should be working on monthly.

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