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Farewell CP

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good luck man
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Later my dude. Stop by from time to time.

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nooo :[ if u ever come back and need a loan just hmu

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Gl bro. Hope you come back soon, you know how to easily make some bank back :P

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definetly a good lad right here. Goodluck irl brother
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Pce fam, thanks for the services.

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arena is not for the weak mindless ppl.

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Have fun at school, didnt know you for a long time but if you ever feel the need to play for clanning we'll be here me & the the ts will always be up so come through my man! Have fun Schoolpevo

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Runescape sucks can't blame you

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View PostFatal, on 21 May 2017 - 06:11 PM, said:

I feel you, bro.. after a while playing just for money will always get boring.  That's why I literally only play for the community and the clan.  Once clanning is gone I'm gone but for you it was once the money is gone.

Either change your priorities and stick around or best of luck irl man.  CP will always be around when you're ready to make a return.
It actually didn't have too much to do with money. I felt myself not wanting to get on and train up Levels, and even though events were fun just in general the game was getting feeling more like a chore than a game.

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