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To Clear Things Up

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>steals hundreds from members of clan
>is confused why members of said clan are calling him names and making threats

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removed, or stole?

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This isn't an apology.

Any way you rationalize it....you still stole from your own. Reparations to those affected is only a start and should not give you closure. Im not trying to "belittle" you but you really need to understand that this should have been an entirely different topic post.

I wish you well on your endeavors and hope you grow as a person.

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I guessed the day you were going to steal more gp from people xd, gimme prize pls


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free disloyal
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awkward ur a rsgp gp fiend in 2k17??? and ur trying to play victim when u stole money off there accounts without consent- although ur choosing to not be in this clan I actually believe som1 as delusional and unwilling to be accountable for their decisions shouldn't be here in the first place.

Think about it- if you never took the stuff ppl would have never reacted/talked/accused you of anything

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You're stealing RSGP from people in your clan, Man. What did you think people were going to say of you? You were in a position of trust, and you completely broke it. People are going to be upset. You're a grown ass man, at least own up to your mistakes. This isn't even an apology. Hopefully you follow through with what you've said, but until then, it's all bullshit. Why should we take your word on anything? It'd be entirely different if you were fucking people over outside of CP.

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@Disloyal retard

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