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Everything you need to know about the Attendance System

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Attendance System Basic Information

The Attendance System is a system in which the staff of CP keep track of in game activity and you are rewarded with points. For each mini war, prep, and PK trip you attend, attendance must be taken (screenshot of the friends chat) and posted in this forum along with it's proper Event Aftermath topic (if you win) to receive the points you deserve. The points for each event are below:

Mini War: 10 Points
Prep: 20 Points
PK Trip: 30 Points

Your goal when being rewarded points is to ultimately reach the most points in that month. Whoever reaches the most points will be rewarded a prize at minimum value of 3m RSGP, if a tie the prize will be split.

Newly implemented into the Attendance System: If everyone in your rank group signs up for the weekend events, everyone that is that rank will get 30 points.

Once a month we will have Double Points Weekend PK Trips where you will be rewarded 2x the normal amount of points (60 Points) for attending PK trips on that weekend. You will be told about these PK Trips on the forums in either the Announcements or Notice sections, so stay tuned!

Attendance System FAQs

1) Where do I see how many points I have?
In this section there is a pinned topic showing the standings for the current month. They will be updated almost daily so you can track your progress.

2) Who can post attendance of the events?
Anyone there can post the attendance, but please make sure if it's already posted to NOT post them twice.

3) Is it 30 points for both PK trips or just one?

For one PK trip that you attend you receive 30 points, so if you attend both PK trips on a normal weekend you would get 60 points. If it is a Double Points Weekend PK Trip you can get 60 points for just one trip, and 120 for the entire weekend.

4) Do we post the results of events in the Attendance forum or the Event Aftermath forum?
In the Attendance forum all you are required to post is the score of the fight (for example: 2-1, 3-0, etc) and a picture of the friends chat so we know who was there so we can give them the points. You can include more details about the fight (if we win) in the Event Aftermath topic so our guests can view our activity.

If you have any questions feel free to get in contact with me. Chances are someone else has that same question and it will allow me to add it to this post.

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