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New Member Checklist

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Use this as a guideline. More stuff can be added over time. @$Sam should have an image that we can give new recruits that has a lot of info on it, get it from him.

- RSN, do they meet prep reqs? If not, tell them what stats they need and that they can't attend matched fights during the week until they do. Anyone's fine for PK trips.

- Did they post their intro? If not, help em figure out the forums.

- Let them know what time PK trips are.

- Trustable? This is your screening process. Past clans, who can access their account, look into their IRL shit, do things to make it so you 100% trust this person on a trip.

- Tell them about returning. How to return, what items they need, 57 wc/mossies, where the teleports take them, sets they will need. Things like that.

- Let them be aware about IRC, if they want to use it, how to access it (just have them use the button on the top of or forums). If they want to come in, teach em how to change their nick.

- Make sure they add all of the Leaders/HC/Warlord's on RS.

- Make sure they know to idle in TS and the CC.

- Have them bring their friends in.

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